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Committee Members Duties

Committee Members Duties

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Committee members duties


This list of duties is set out to assist in the efficient performance of the Club. This list gives only the essential duties necessary to be performed by the persons concerned and nothing can replace a spirit of co-operation, initiative and a desire to work for the betterment of the Club as a whole.


The function of the Flag Officers, Office Bearers and other Committee Members is to promote the club, particularly in regard to sailing and other boating activities, as set down in the constitution. Also to see that the constitution, rules and other decisions made by the Management Committee will work to improve the Club and encourage all other Members to do the same.



( Please Note: Under Sect. 10.2 of the Constitution: Offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore(s) shall be Flag Members of the Club and shall be the owner or part owner of a boat of the Club’s Register of sailing or power craft or be approved for election by the Management Committee.)




The Commodore is responsible for the:

  • Overall running of the Club and its smooth operation.
  • Overseeing the other members of the Committee, making sure they carry out their duties satisfactorily;
  • Co-ordination of activities taking place in the Club;
  • Chairing meetings;
  • Overall planning of the year’s programme;
  • Development of forward planning, either by themselves or with the assistance of interested members, so that there is always a goal to be worked for;
  • Sign all documents pertaining to the operation of the Club or to otherwise give authority for works and/or expenditure to be carried out;
  • Accept full responsibility for the operations of the Club.




The Vice-Commodore is required to:

  • Chair and organise meetings of the Social Committee on a regular basis;
  • Familiarise themself with the duties of the Commodore to enable him/her to chair all general and management committee meetings in the absence of the Commodore;
  • Organise functions for the enjoyment of club members, other than those directly concerned with sailing or other boating activities;
  • Accept responsibility for all social activities along with Social Committee within the club. These activities include fund raising functions, darts tournaments, dances, barbeques and other
  • Report regularly to the Commodore regarding social activities within the club.
  • To oversee the ordering and liaise with the Supply Officer regarding the delivery, storage and distribution of various foods at the Yacht Club. Eg : BBQ packs, Sliced Beef, Rolls/Bread, Condiments, Salads, Nuts/Chips etc., Icecreams, Pies/Pasties/Sausage Rolls

Also requires looking after laundry of tea towels.


In addition:

Liaise with Bar Manager regarding any Club hiring for functions or events (e.g. weddings)

Liaise with the Bar Manager in arranging the on-duty roster and with suitability and stock of liquor to be held



** There can be two Rear Commodore positions.

** Captain’s representatives may represent and assist in the running of each division.


The Rear Commodore (s) Sail and Power will:

  • Chair the Sailing Committee and with that committee arrange a program of sailing events for the year and formulate a code of conduct for all race participants;
  • Refer all protests to the Sailing Committee;
  • Together with the Sailing Committee, organise efficient handicapping, timekeeping and starting procedures;
  • Organise other sailing activities which can be used to promote the Club and encourage participation in sailing;
  • Promote and encourage participation in all sailing events;
  • Set out courses for each sailing event;
  • Be in charge of the Club rescue boat with the assistance of the Captains representatives, which he/she will maintain in a safe and ready condition;
  • Organise a roster of crew members for the rescue boat for each competitive event or such other events as shall be deemed necessary by the Management or Sailing Committee.




  • Is expected to organise the routine business of the Club, e.g. work with the Commodore to organise Management Committee meetings and special meetings as required;
  • Provide an agenda for meetings and organise any special meetings as required by the Management Committee;
  • Take accurate minutes of every meeting, recording all decisions made and all resolutions passed. Within each of these minutes the following must be recorded: the date, time and place of the meetings together with the names of all those who attended;
  • Make sure that the minutes are typed and available to Committee members as soon as possible after the meeting.
  • Have all the correspondence since the previous meeting available for consideration at each meeting. Where necessary important letters should be brought to the attention of the Commodore before the meeting;
  • Keep proper records so that previous matters which have been passed through the Club should only be released when authorised.




  • The Treasurer is responsible for the recording and the control of the Club's finances and must:
  • Keep records of incoming and outgoing monies; provide a monthly statement for perusal by the Management Committee;
  • Deal with the Club's monies received in such a manner as may be decided by the Management Committee;
  • Ensure money is available for the efficient operation of the bar and that monies received from bar sales or from other sources is banked as soon as possible;
  • Provide a statement of accounts at the end of each financial year, such statement to be properly and legally audited.




The Bar Manager is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a bar roster with the assistance of the Vice Commodore;
  • Maintain an accurate stock take and liaise with the Treasurer and/or Vice Commodore to maintain stocks on hand for sale
  • Liaise with Supply Officer to maintain snack food requirements on hand for sale;
  • Maintain the area behind the bar in an orderly, efficient manner;
  • Make sure bar stools and any other furniture in the Club is in a safe and clean condition - refer to Management Committee if there are any problems;
  • Record all sales on a monthly basis and report details to the Management Committee;
  • Assist at functions or make sure there are bar staff for all functions




Duties: Refer only to the Commodore or Vice Commodore.


Any large jobs will be referred to the Management Committee and a working bee will be organised; also any cleaning, over and above that expected to be carried out by the Caretaker will be given to a contract cleaner at the discretion of the Commodore or Vice Commodore.




Committee Members are asked to:

  • Attend Management Committee meetings on the third Wednesday of each month;
  • Support and assist Office Bearers as much as possible;
  • Help to disseminate information about the Club and its activities in a positive way;
  • Liase with other Club members to bring their matters of concern or interest to the Management Committee or Sailing Committee meetings, avail the Club of any information which could benefit its future development.


Volunteer and Paid Bar Staff:

  • It is also the responsibility of the volunteer bar staff to ensure that all visitors to the Club are signed in by a financial member.
  • All Bar Staff are to have a current “Responsible Serving of Alcohol Certificate that is to be kept on file at the clubrooms.
  • Set up Clubrooms on Friday nights in preparation for the evening.


Membership Officer:

  • Maintain records of current membership including contact details
  • Post a copy of current membership on the notice board
  • Process applications/renewals for membership as received
  • Mail out all membership cards
  • Conduct mail-out of Club newsletter and other member notices as required

Liaise with the Commodore/Vice Commodore as to renewals and encouragement for renewals and new membership applications


Function Manager:

  •  Receive and answer enquiries
  • Send off function application pack
  • If the function is to go ahead, liaise with Bar Manager & Commodore
  • Organise invoice for the client
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to see that payments of fees for the function have been received before the function, and if any outstanding amount is to be paid.
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