Boat Storage

Boat Storage

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Storage and hardstand privileges are only available to financial members, for a fee of $30 pa. Boats must be removed by Christmas 25th December and not returned until after the cyclone season 1st April as well as when there is a cyclone warning eminent.

The club is not to be a boat graveyard, only boats in good repair that are being sailed at least 3 times per year may be stored here. Boats are to be stored on a trailer in good repair, flat perished tyres and dangerous sharp rusty metal is unacceptable.

Boats left behind for more than 12 months will be claimed as club boats and may be disposed of or used for any purpose the committee decide with any compensation to the owner at the discretion of the committee

Visiting Yachts:

  • Visiting Yachts may stay for a maximum period of 4 weeks only for a fee of $10 per week.

I accept these terms and take full responsibility for any damage caused by or to my boat and trailer and will not hold the club responsible in any way.

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