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Membership Categories and Rights

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ORDINARY MEMBER: Any person over the age of 18 years.

  • Is entitled to a vote;
  • Is entitled to discount prices at the bar and for functions
  • Is entitled to hold office: and
  • Is entitled to enjoy the privileges of the Club such as participating in Sailing Races, Regattas or Training.

LIFE MEMBER: Any member who has given outstanding service to the Club may be elected to Life Membership by the members at a General Meeting of the Club. An Ordinary Member may nominate a person for Life Membership to the Management Committee who will decide whether or not to recommend the nomination to a General Meeting. A Life Member shall:

  • Exercise the right of an Ordinary Member; and
  • Be exempt from paying membership fees.

JUNIOR MEMBER: Any person to the age of 18 years provided that person:

  • Shall not have voting rights;
  • Shall not hold office;
  • May be represented by one parent at meetings of the Club and such person shall exercise the rights of an Ordinary Member at such meetings;
  • Can participate in Sailing Races, Regattas or Training if accompanied by an Ordinary or Life Member; and:
  • Is permitted to enter the club room but is not allowed in the Bar area unless accompanied by an adult or parent. 
  •  Non Residents : They can become a member for a reduced fee, (presently $5  plus nomination fee) valid for one month only.  One non resident membership per year.

Other Membership Details

  • The period of financial membership is 1 July to 30 June.
  • The membership subscription fee is payable in advance.
  • Membership benefits commence once a member’s subscription fee is paid and membership accepted by the Management Committee or its approved delegate.
  • A member can only sign in 5 guests on any one day.
  • A one year lapse in membership will require a former member to renominate for membership and a nomination fee will be payable to rejoin the Club. The nomination fee is currently $5per person.

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