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Online Application (Yachting Australia)

Online Application (Yachting Australia)

Yachting Australia

This year EYC are giving members the opportunity to register through YA (Yachting Australia) online system.

This will allow for speedier processing of your membership and allow the club to maintain a higher standard of record keeping and contact details for all members.

Please find below instructions for accessing and using the new web-based registration system.

1. To enter the online membership registration, please use this link:

Online Membership Registration

2. You will have the option to register any number of adults or children.
-Individuals will select 1 adult or 1 child
-Partners will select 2 adults
-Families may select 2 adults and up to 4 dependent children.

Click "continue" to proceed.

3. If you were a registered member of Exmouth Yacht Club last year and have never used this system, you will need to set yourself a password.
Please click "I have a YA number but need to set my password" and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you for creation of a new password for your personal account.

Only New Members will select "I am registering for the first time and do not have a YA number".
Remember, your email address is your username.

If no matches are found for your email address, it means the club has a different email address for you in our records. Please contact the Secretary and we can update the details.

4. Once you know your username and password, click "I know my username and password". The person(s) attached to your email’s account will be available for selection from a drop down box.
Each individual is registered sequentially, beginning with the first adult, then second adult, then subsequent children, in that order.

5. Please go through the form filling in as much detail as possible, noting that any fields including a red mark are mandatory.

Adult and Junior Members: Please enter a home phone number and mobile contact number. Use "Address Line 1" for your street address and "Address Line 2" for your postal address so that your membership card(s) can be posted to you.

Junior Members: Please also enter your "Parent/Guardian" details in the appropriate fields.

6. All information will need to be repeated again for each individual you are registering. Many fields will already have been pre-populated for you; please ensure these details are correct before continuing.

7. Once the details of each member have been correctly filled in, you will be directed to the payment page where the Exmouth Yacht Club’s bank details are supplied. The Club is not set up for credit card payments at this time.

8. Please make your online payment and include your surname and “membership” as a reference.


Exmouth Yacht Club Member Registration

2015/2016 Financial Year
The Club’s hard working committee thanks you for your time and patience with this initial online member registration. This more streamlined approach is designed to help save valuable time and resources for the club, to be spent on other improvements.

The club encourages you to maintain your own details by logging in to your account every time your details change, through the MySailor portal at

If you have any issues at all regarding your registration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Secretary for assistance.

We look forward to welcoming your renewed membership of the club for the next season, and for many more seasons into the future.

Kind regards

Dinny Ruby
Phone (08) 9949 2452
Mobile 0427 492 455

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