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Club open Fridays from 6pm for BBQ and Bar and sailing Sundays
from 5pm with bar and light meals  unless otherwise noted

Usually to be announced

(Skipper’s Ticket required)
Names TBA



Other information, contact (08) 9949-1549

Check list for sail organizer(s)

• Book Rescue Boat Operator (RBO) and Time keeper. See below.
• Check that Rescue boat has fuel, oil in the engine and is in good operating condition. If not then get supplies from Exmouth Fuel Supplies and book it up to the Exmouth Yacht Club. You will need to ensure RBO can get drinks and ice for esky on boat.
• Ensure you have keys to the club.
• Get copy of race starting sheet (see Sail Commodore)

On the day:
Arrive at least one hour beforehand, more if you need to rig your own yacht.
1. Put up wind sock (kept below drinks cabinet).
2. Determine wind direction & strength and select course from file (or make one up).
3. Give copy of course to RBO & discuss needs. Ensure racing start sheet is in boat.
4. Help load boat with flags, buoys, esky of drinks (record drinks taken in bar book with date.
5. Check radio with RBO.
6. Assist RBO launch boat.
7. Draw up course on board
8. Give timekeeper folder with racing start sheet, course, racing boat time sheet and pen. (Check that they understand how it works).
9. Any particular instructions need to be given before the 10 minute siren. ????
10. Ensure any newcomers are made welcome and assisted if needed.

After the race:
• Collect racing boat time sheet from timekeeper and calculate results. (If not able to do this, give to Sail Commodore to calculate and present at next meet)
• Assist RBO (or assign someone else to do this) to take boat out of water, empty out the buoys and the Esky (to prevent rust in the boat), wash down, flush the motor and put away.
• Record any repairs needed to boat to Commodore of Power.
• Thank everyone for help, present pennants if placings are decided and remind sailors of next race.
• Write up race results and send to Radio Report by the following Friday. (Reports to TBA), and Log contact.
Sailors sign in and add name of crew member.
Sound siren 10min before race
Record start time and time of each yacht as it crosses the finish line.
Hand sailing sheet to race organizer.
( You will also have a sail course from the race organizer to check that yachts are sailing the correct course.)

Check fuel (ULP the 2 stroke motor adds it’s own oil), all flags and buoys are aboard – refer to course sheet & with race organizer to ensure correct course.
Get drinks and ice from bar*, put in esky in galley and have on board for participants. ( Ensure sufficient water on board) * will need to check who has a key.
See starting sequence sheet for instructions.
Launch and retrieve boat ( ask for assistance from sailors if needed), wash down at the end and report any problems to race organizer eg needs fuel, flat tyre etc

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