This is the website of the Exmouth Yacht Club (EYC). We mainly race the Windrush 14 catamarans but other classes are welcomed (and handicapped accordingly!). Sailing in Exmouth Gulf is safe and convenient as long as one pays attention to the tides and weather forecast. Racing occurs throughout the year every second Sunday and most races are held in the gulf just off from the EYC itself. There are a number of club boats that can be reserved and used by members or visitors to the club. On occasion, special races are held some distance from the club and may entail a camp overnight- this may be on the west coast at Tantabiddi or in the gulf at Tamarisk, some 30 km south of Exmouth. The club could not survive and thrive without new members so anyone interested in the chance to sail a catamaran, whether as crew or skipper, should come along on race day for some good fun and sport!