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Description  16th December 2018

Famed with being fresh, fragrant and dynamic, Vietnamese food is packed with vibrant fresh herbs, and tends to be a little less spicy than other neighbouring cuisines. Flavours of Vietnam is a delicious food experience with light summer tastes. The perfect way to indulge on a Sunday afternoon by the water side. This family friendly social event, is a great way to relax and soak up the lovely Exmouth weather and the perfect excuse to get your friends together for yet another pre-Christmas drink, but then who needs an excuse! The Exmouth Yacht Club is a great venue overlooking the gulf. The club opens at 4pm, food is available from 5.30-7.30pm.

Adult Meal Tickets

  • *Adult ticket price includes
  • 1 x Mixed entree box and 1 x Dinner box

Mixed entree box includes

Vietnamese Fresh Rice Paper Rolls-Fresh and fragrant these rolls are filled with noodles, pork, fresh herbs and cucumber. Served with hoisin dipping sauce. Prawn Salad-Mixed salad leaves, cooked prawns, shredded vegetables, fresh herbs and zesty dressing.

Dinner box includes

Lemongrass Chicken Wings with Chilli Salt-Marinated Chicken with vibrant Lemongrass flavours, served with chilli salt. Vietnamese Beef Skewers-Char-grilled beef sticks with soy, fish sauce and sesame oil marinade. Served with Jasmine Rice Cucumber & Herb Salad-Beans sprouts, fresh herbs, cucumber, peanuts, chilli, homemade dressing, crispy fried shallots.

Kids Meal Tickets

  • *Kids meal ticket includes 6 chicken nuggets and chips.
  • *Kids Vietnamese meal ticket includes small size Dinner box.

Additional items on sale during the evening include


  • Fresh Banana Cake with Cashews $8
  • Coconut Ice-cream $10
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream Cones $3

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