The Button below accepts $37.50 payment for EYC full membership until 30th June 2021. This is per Adult. Children under 18 are $7.50.  On the 1st January this will be $25 and $5, April 1st $12.50 and $2.50. New Annual fees will be set for 2021/22 before next financial year. 

ORDINARY MEMBER: Any person over the age of 18 years:

  • Is entitled to a vote
  • Is entitled to attend the venue and bring guests
  • Is entitled to hold office; and
  • Is entitled to enjoy the privileges of the Club such as participating in Sailing Races, Regattas or Training.
  • Can use the club boats and go sailing in the Exmouth Gulf

Please add your contact details (above) so we know how to contact you.

The procedure is that we need a formal nomination form and you to agree to the code of conduct then you will be formally be accepted as a club member at the next committee meeting. In the mean time as soon as we have payment and the form above you are a provisional member and allowed to use our facilities. The acceptance of your membership is only a formality if there is a problem, (very unlikely) your payment will be refunded.  Welcome to EYC 🙂

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