Sunrise Classic 2009


Sunrise Classic April 26th 2009

Strong easterlies and choppy seas led to exciting racing for PlatyPUSS (Jan & Chesna), Andromeda (Alan & Karlina), Priscilla (Roge & Paul), Footloose (Pete & Suzie) and Catapult (James with various crew-Indi, Jesse, Michael) pictured here from left to right. Rescue boat manned by Pancho Ridley and Tom Clancy. Overall winner: James Chapman on Catapult.

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Colin is the Treasurer and Webmaster. Been sailing since 10 years of age, all type of off the beach boats, mono hulls and cats, sailboards, kiting and keel boats. AYF sailing master, and club coach from 1980's. Also Rescue boat driver.

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